Season 1 Finale

It's the final episode of SEASON 1! We've had so much fun and are so thankful that you have taken the time to listen! Our hope is that you've seen som...View Details

Do you feel powerless sometimes? What makes you feel powerful? Hayley and Alicia discuss some ideas around what it means to be a powerful person in th...View Details

It's time to talk about parenting! Hayley and Alicia present a couple different angles where parenting could take a wrong turn. This episode aims to...View Details

Hayley and Alicia discuss sifting through the filter of those we look up to, and becoming our own, unique, powerful selves. We are championing and emp...View Details

Hayley and Alicia discuss the topic of living a Spirit-filled life. We are championing and empowering women to be everything that they can possibly be...View Details

How to dress over 40 and how to cultivate intimacy with God! This show is full of power topics for women! We are championing and empowering women to b...View Details

This week we have some real talk about growing in maturity and defeating those lies that keep us in destructive patterns!  We are championing and em...View Details

Hey ladies! How do you read your Bible? Every one's world view plays a part in how they interpret the Word of God. We've got some things to say about ...View Details

Ever notice that your "love tank" isn't always full? Listen in as Hayley and Alicia talk about how to fill the empty and distant places that sometimes...View Details

Your brain has a delete button and you can use it! Discover the power of a renewed mind on this week's episode of OnFire! We are championing and empo...View Details

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