Hayley and Alicia challenge some lies and a few traditions that may be robbing you of your destiny. Also, shark attacks, killer vending machines, and ...View Details

Grab some practical insight on rest! What does it feel like to partner joyfully in the things God is wanting you to do? How do you recognize the life ...View Details

Join Hayley and Alicia as the explore their recent instapot success and failures and take a journey into what it means to enter into real rest.  We a...View Details

Parenting in the digital age, how do we do it? Hayley and Alicia talk practicals on this episode of OnFire! We are championing and empowering women to...View Details

What does it take to do "church" well? Can community and the current church model coexist? What about the early church? This week we're talking commun...View Details

Your purpose comes from the Presence. Encountering His Presence and being in His Presence transforms us into His image! We are championing and empowe...View Details

What do you do when someone lets you down? How do you process failure in people that you look up to? Hayley and Alicia shed some light on a healthy pr...View Details

Sick husbands, prophetic declarations, lots of laughs, and lots of hope on the first episode of OnFire for 2018! We are championing and empowering wo...View Details

We're approaching a brand new year! Hayley and Alicia have some "great" new year's resolutions in mind, ahem. They also have a discussion on what it m...View Details

This week Hayley and Alicia dive into the topic of authority and submission in the context of husband and wives as well as in the church.&nb...View Details

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